What are the problems faced when looking for Office Space?

What are the problems faced when looking for Office Space?

An important step in every entrepreneurial journey is opening an office. A professional workspace enhances the legitimacy of your business and helps in attract talent, clients, and investors in addition to providing a distraction- free environment for you and your team to work and collaborate.

Though it might not be simple and can be challenging, finding an office space that works for your business. There are impediments at every stage of the process, from choosing a growth-friendly location to selecting the appropriate office type to negotiating the lease terms. Several typical office related issues that Indian business owners encounter are listed below, along with solutions for each of them.

6 common office related issues entrepreneurs encounter and their solutions

1. Choosing the correct office type

It’s harder that it seems to find the proper kind of office. Not everyone can operate from their garage, and even not company need a dedicated, large private office. There are no one-size-fits all solutions when it comes to office space for entrepreneurs because every business has different needs, preferences, and constraints.

The important thing is to select an office that fits the size, maturity, and long-term goals of your business. Managed offices are an excellent option for mature businesses seeking a dedicated workspace that represents their brand identity, while coworking office spaces are ideal for start-ups, changing brands, and even a huge corporates with a distributed workforce.

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2. Selecting the Right Location

Another difficulty entrepreneur’s encounter while looking for an office is choosing the ideal location. A centralised office with easy access to the entire city will increase the visibility of your company and brand. However, the cost of commercial real estate in upscale areas is frequently prohibitive, making it expensive for business owners.

For business owners looking to establish their offices in a CBD or business park without braking the bank, shared offices are the perfect option. You can select the coworking package that best suits you from any of the reputable coworking companies with offices in prime business localities. You can also choose neighbourhood coworking, which allows you to disperse your workforce across various locations.

3. Calculating Rents and Costs

Traditional office spaces have high monthly rents and other expenses; according to surveys, even well-established corporates spend up to 12% of their operational expenditure on real estate needs. It may increase for entrepreneurs running SMEs. You must take into account value-added services, electricity costs, security deposits, monthly maintenance fees, and other expenses in addition to the rent you pay each month.

In the sense, coworking is a great option for entrepreneurs looking for office space. Coworking office spaces provide lower monthly rents and security deposits than typical workplaces, as well as no additional fees. Studies show that coworking enables business owners in important Indian cities to cut up to 25% of their operating expenses.

4. Addressing Lease Terms

Early-stage entrepreneurs typically don’t have set requirements or goals; instead, they need the flexibility to scale up or down as their business grows. Entrepreneurs may find it difficult to be flexible when choosing an office space because of long-term agreements and commitments.

Coworking is a fantastic option for business owners due to flexibility it offers in every way. To begin with, compared to typical offices, shared offices have shorter lease terms and notice requirements. Sine there is flexible lock-in time, you can easily leave the office or change your plans. Additionally, you may select the number of workstations based on your needs and add or remove desks as your team grows or shrinks.

5. Decorating and keeping up the Office Space

The furnishing and upkeep are two major concerns for business owners looking for an office. Even while renting an unfurnished office can be less expensive, the cost of equipping the space will be high. The upkeep of the office can also be a time, energy, and money-consuming endeavour.

Again, coworking spaces are the ideal kind of office space for business owners. Shared offices comes fully equipped with ergonomic workstations, furniture, and other office supplies. You don’t need to worry about such things because the service provider handles all office-related maintenance tasks.

6. Selecting the Right Layout

For business owners, selecting an office with the ideal layout and design might be difficult. The workspace you select must first increase the team’s productivity and flexibility. Easy networking and cooperation are also high priorities, particularly if you are a start-up or solopreneur.

Traditional offices with enclosed cubicles and partitions have had their day – now is the time of conventional offices that combine common and private areas. A coworking space’s open floor design is perfect for businesses since it provides a lively, cooperative, and adaptable work atmosphere. In addition, it has several zones and locations that you may pick from based on the type and volume of your job. These spaces include private nooks, serene corners, conference rooms, and others.

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Although setting up an office may seem difficult, it is simple to do with the correct office space option. There is no better option than a Premisin office space in Raipur for entrepreneurs who seek a low-cost office that provides the advantages of location, flexibility, agility, productivity, and ease of collaboration.

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