Reasons Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces

Due to the business sector’s regular evolution and upgradation, this industry has come a long way. The sector is improving and expanding thanks to a number of improvements and advances.

The development of various coworking spaces is one of the business sector’s expanding trends. This concept has been adopted by most of the cities in India, whether by freelancers, prospective business owners, and seasoned businessmen.

In contrast to the traditional cubicle style of working space, coworking spaces allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups to secure a place without paying a significant amount of money and get a conducive and productive work environment where they can work peacefully. Because of the benefits coworking spaces offer, it has attracted the attention of many professionals over the past few years.

But why do aspiring professionals and business owners pick coworking environments to work in? What distinguishes it from the standard office layout? To answer all the questions, here are some of the reasons why people thrive at coworking spaces:

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces

Reason 1: Affordable

Choosing to work at a coworking space is significantly less expensive than the alternative, which is to buy a brand-new building or rent an entire floor. A freelancer or aspiring business owner can use coworking spaces to access a fully furnished workplace without buying office furniture and supplies. The coworking facility offers everything, including a printer, chairs, faster internet access, coffee supplies, and even receptionists. When you move into a shared space, you’ll have all of these. One of the reasons why coworking spaces are so popular because if you are growing your company or expanding your workforce, this would be a great help in lowering your business expenses.

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Reason 2: Opportunity to expand your network

For any kind of business, developing a strong network is crucial. Additionally, by choosing to work in a coworking environment, you will have the opportunity to network and get to know other business owners or freelancers.

Being surrounded by other creative, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals creates a networking environment where possibilities are plentiful. This supports many of the lucrative occupations in the tech sector today, including e-commerce, graphic design, SEO services, and programming.

These individuals may serve as possible clients, business partners, or even mentors. Who knows?You might even come across a professional who shares your perspective.

Consequently, the opportunity to expand your network is one of the most significant benefits of coworking spaces and this is why coworking space is so important and has become a fad.

Reason 3: Countless sources of information and possibilities

Another advantage of coworking spaces is the abundance of expertise. You have the opportunity to share ideas and expertise with other experts because you are coworking with people from other sectors. With this, you can learn various important things that could possibly benefit your company.

On the other side, most coworking spaces have plenty of opportunities. For your specific projects, this could be an opportunity to recruit creative professionals like writers or graphic designers. You can also find potential customers or business partners. For freelancers and entrepreneurs, coworking spaces provide countless opportunities.

Reason 4: Boosts Creativity and Productivity

Coworking spaces, as opposed to traditional offices, boost the creativity and productivity of different professionals. Young professionals and entrepreneurs can work in an exciting and pleasant way in working spaces since they offer a clean, welcoming, and peaceful environment. Since there are no distractions with this setup, everyone working on it is more productive.

Coworking spaces also help people broaden their potential because many of them host workshops or other events that help people develop their skills and creativity.

After a long and exhausting day of work, several coworking spaces in every part of the cities offer areas where professionals may relax and take a break. Some coworking spaces provide health and wellness features that let professionals either take a nap, stretch, or relax while coming up with a clever slogan for a project. These amenities are useful for boosting productivity and creativity and which is why coworking space is in demand nowadays.

Reason 5: Improve Collaboration

Different coworking spaces also encourage better peer collaboration. People have a difficult time conducting meetings and interacting with one another in a traditional office setting because of the frequently constrained and oppressive surroundings.

However, because coworking spaces are created to be open and collaborative, allowing young people to communicate with one another readily and rapidly, they often foster better teamwork.

Reason 6: Complete Amenities

The majority of coworking spaces in the metro offer complete amenities and services, as was already noted. Since most coworking spaces come with a number of useful amenities, entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, don’t need to worry about investing in office supplies and generating amenities. Numerous coworking spaces include a variety of facilities, including:

  • Car & Bike Parking
  • Recreational area
  • Rooftop lounges
  • Peaceful and comfortable waiting areas for visitors
  • Quicker and more reliable Internet access
  • Power Backup

One of the best innovations in the corporate world is coworking space. Many experts can work in a novel but stimulating setting thanks to this idea.

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Final Thoughts

These are but a few ways in which Coworking is proving to be the most ideal workplace solution for budding as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. With its collaborative ecosystem and multitude of offerings, Coworking has given the serviced office industry a whole new meaning.

Every coworking space is unique and Premisin is one of them. A question that comes to every company’s mind while looking for an office space in Raipur that why to choose Premisin coworking space when there are so many players already existing in the market. With the rise of coworking spaces, finding a space that will fit your every need can be difficult and Premisin can bridge that gap and can fit to all your needs. Be sure to visit Premisin’s website and make use of the different membership plans. They offer flexible and affordable options for budding entrepreneurs and provide them with a space where they feel like they belong to a community of like-minded professionals.

Innovative and creative work spaces ideas to boost productivity

According to the studies, design-led organizations consistently outperform those that are not design-led, over the long term. 

Learn how your company may exert the concepts of design thinking through creative work spaces to spur innovation and creativity.

You might not intuitively consider how the layout will affect people when designing an office environment. People can get things right as long as they have a place to work, right?

It’s time to reconsider the strategy. It turns out that bad office architecture has a significant negative impact on creativity and psychology. 

According to a source, companies lose billions annually as a result of unsatisfactory designs that don’t meet the needs of the employees.

Giving someone a chair, desk, and computer won’t help that individual to perform at their best. Fortunately, a few workplace design adjustments can increase productivity and creativity to increase the success of your business. However, it goes beyond that.

Traditional office designs preserve inflexible routines and structure with their monolithic format, however, Design Thinking encourages unconventional thinking, going above and beyond the apparent and motivating employees to reinvent themselves each day and innovate in ways they have never done before!

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A broad perspective that views work as an essential component of people’s lives and strives to offer a certain lifestyle rather than a simple office is referred to as “Design thinking” in the workplace. 

As a result, the final product is distinctive and motivational. It integrates many components, pays close attention to details, and makes the employees feel both comfortable and intrigued. 

Choose Ergonomically Furniture to Boost Productivity

  • Reducing absences caused by injuries.
  • Making employees feel cared for by their bosses.
  • Assisting employees in keeping up their energy levels throughout the day.
  • Lowering the volume of mistakes that employees commit each day.

It’s wonderful to have evidence that comfortable furniture can increase productivity. However, you probably don’t need a lot of information to understand the value of good, ergonomically-designed chairs, tables, and workstations.

If you had to work through discomfort all day, just think of how much you could get your work done. Imagine how many mistakes you would make as your stress level grew hour by hour.

Imagine yourself working in creative work spaces that are cozy, have beautiful art on the walls, and allow you to walk around easily without experiencing any pain. 

A little thought experiment will demonstrate why it makes sense for businesses to spend money on excellent design.

Break Areas Restore People So They Can Stay Focused

Any workplace that serves creative agencies or the new media industry needs a comfortable break space where employees may unwind and recharge. Although it may seem paradoxical to some employers, rewarding employees with frequent breaks raises productivity.

Companies need to provide warm break rooms where individuals may unwind, revitalize, and regroup before returning to work because employees don’t feel encouraged to take breaks.

At the Premisin creative work spaces, employees have access to a rooftop lounge and a recreational zone as well as the numerous cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. 

Employees are encouraged to take breaks from their desks when the office environment has inviting break areas. In return, you get a team of professionals who are more productive and creative and who don’t have trouble meeting deadlines. 

Separate Areas for Collaboration and Silent, Independent Work

Marketing agencies need areas where teams can gather and collaborate. When creative people get the chance to exchange ideas with one another, they may create amazing, successful campaigns that go above and beyond client expectations.

It is obvious that your office needs to be a place where everything goes and where creative thought is encouraged.

But, what happens following the collaborative meeting? Often, people need to focus on their individual roles to refine ideas and turn concepts into realities. Any distraction might make it difficult for many creative people to concentrate on their work.

That’s why workplaces must provide quiet, distraction-free areas where employees can sit down, think deeply, and develop ideas.

Your team won’t be able to function as effectively without both types of workplaces. Ensure that everyone has access to meeting spaces where they can connect, have fun, and can be inspired. Also, establish creative work spaces where people can work independently without interruptions.

Give Employees Natural Lighting to Help Them Concentrate

More than a quarter of employees claim that their workplace needs better lighting. You’ll understand why so many people seek better lighting once you go inside a typical conventional office building. Unwelcoming environments are created by harsh fluorescent lighting.

According to research,  the employees who have access to natural light are more productive. It is also stated that exposure to natural light lessens headaches by 63%, sleepiness by 56%, and eye strain by 51%.

It goes without saying that people are more productive when they are not bothered by headaches, drowsiness, or eye strain.

Give employees access to the natural world to increase their creativity and productivity. That might entail views of trees, flowers, and lakes. It might also mean decorating the office interior with lots of plants. Regardless, people feel happier and more eager to work when they’re connected to nature.

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Premisin creative work spaces are the design thinking of the office real estate industry. The reason it is the future of employment is that it employs an innovative strategy that has been successful in other fields. Or to put it another way, it is the Apple and Starbucks of the corporate setting.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our Executive zone. Please visit our website Premisin to know more or fill out the inquiry form and we will be in touch very soon. 

Premisin coworking space meeting rooms – Best for business meetings

Meeting rooms have always been a crucial part of working life. In order to discuss a topic in full or debrief your team members on the next big project, you need a space where you can do so without disrupting other people at work. However, coworking space meeting rooms are evolving. 

They are no longer merely a space with a huge table in the middle of it. Premisin has specialized coworking space meeting rooms that can rarely be seen in any other coworking space .

Why Premisin Coworking space Meeting Room?

Numerous elements, including employees’ effort, commitment, teamwork, effective management, and others, have an impact on an organization’s growth and often in this list, meeting rooms have been neglected to a large extent, as a result, companies end up designing dull and lousy meeting rooms. In reality, meeting rooms play a major role in determining the success of any organization.

Premisin coworking space meeting room are the place where different ideas are given a correct channel, new projects are initiated, and creativity flourishes. Therefore, the business meeting rooms must be designed with the utmost care. 

Organizations like Premisin that invest a good amount of time and energy in building a coworking space meeting room in raipur are reaping the maximum benefit.

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Whether it is an internal meeting or a meeting with a prospect, meeting rooms should encourage the employees to make prolific decisions and when it comes to impressing your clients, meeting rooms are an easy way. 

So in this blog let us discuss the important aspects that Premisin has taken into consideration while designing a coworking meeting room.

Factors influencing the Coworking Meeting Room


Often businesses underinvest the capital and time in designing the business meeting rooms, particularly in terms of the furniture that goes in these rooms, the reason is less amount of time is spent in them as a result companies end up having low-quality furniture and compromising with the comfort of their employees. 

However, these are the places where significant plans are made and prospects are converted to clients, they bear the most weight and could have an adverse effect on the business.

So it is important that coworking meeting rooms should consist of furniture where employees don’t feel stressed out spending more time on them.


Just like the furniture in these meeting rooms, if there is any other element that is often neglected is the lighting. The lights used in these rooms should not be too bright and at the same time should not be dim as well. 

Insufficient lighting can lead to loss of concentration of the employees as they make the eyes tired. Lighting should be backed with a good control system that brightens and dims the light easily when required.


The color of your business meeting rooms and the lighting inside should complement each other. The color of these rooms should give out a good vibe, so you should make sure that the colors used are not dark. 

Using subtle colors is a good option as they give out a professional and decent look.

Room Design

The size requirements for the furniture, electronic equipments, air conditioning, and other items should be taken into consideration while designing the business meeting rooms.

One of the important factors is that you should consider the minimum number of employees that you want to entertain in the meeting room in one session and plan the design of the room accordingly.

Electronic Equipment

The use of electronic equipment in the meeting not only smoothens the process but also saves a lot of time. 

So you should make sure that all the necessary electronic equipment like a projector screen, remote, telephone etc. are present in the coworking meeting rooms and are working fine all the time.

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As we are now aware of the fact that coworking meeting rooms play a vital role and can make or break the decision, a good amount of time, energy and money has to be invested in designing them by using modern equipment.

Inspired to break the mould for your next meeting? Get in touch with our experts to enquire or check our website Premisin for the meeting room for rent to rejuvenate your team.

Why Coworking Space Setup in Raipur Exceeding the Ordinary?

All Commercial Business Centers benefit greatly from the coworking space in Raipur. Disrupting not only the established real estate market but also corporate culture is advantageous. Businesses are also making use of a global perspective that is collaborative and disregards the barriers that exist between coworkers. Prior to this shift, renting office space was frequently out of the question for small enterprises because of exorbitant up-front fees, long lease terms, and mediocre products. The conventional obstacles, however, are subdued in the current environment, and modern workplace culture has drastically changed.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

By providing a workspace that is more adaptable, effective, and productive than traditional office space, coworking spaces in business centers have discovered a niche market among startup communities and entrepreneurs. Innovators now have access to uncomplicated and affordable office space that offers them not only the tools they need to run their businesses but also the chance to engage with innovative individuals and businesses at a low cost, which shows a shift in the coworking space industry.

Effective Collaboration

The Coworking space in Raipur boost productivity because they encourage interaction, which is good for long-term business growth. According to experts, people flourish in a coworking setting. It has been demonstrated that this kind of employment is advantageous for keeping a professional career and operating a business. By making new contacts near your place of employment, it not only helps you network fast and effectively but also significantly increases the growth of your company. Renting space in a shared office has the extra benefit of putting you in the company of goal-oriented and high achievers, motivating you to work harder and come up with better ideas.

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Location Matters

Make your brand more visible by choosing a coworking space in Raipur, which are strategically located. Starting or expanding your firm in a specialized setting gives off a sophisticated vibe. Create a mental image at the center of the commercial area, the Premisin coworking office space is in a prime location with 24-hour access to transportation, coffee shops, a gym, restaurants, malls, and even boutiques.

Diverse Demographics

Regular offices often follow an employee-only paradigm, which is well known.Therefore, it is possible that all of your coworkers have comparable professional backgrounds if you work in a typical office.  As a result, you can find it quite challenging to communicate with those who think differently than you.

The setup of a coworking space in Raipur, however, is quite different. Coworking spaces were first opted by tech start-ups with little resources. However, a wide range of people are now being drawn to the concept of coworking spaces. Students, interns,freelancers, start-ups, and microbusinesses can all be found working from a coworking space, which fosters a culture of social learning. We at Premisin provide services to all of these people, start-ups, and businesses, which makes us diversified and successful.

Encourages work-life balance

Being too eccentric and lacking in professionalism can hinder productivity. The Premisin coworking space in Raipur ensures that the boundary between the professional and restorative worlds is clearly defined. We offer various amenities, which can be utilized by clients throughout their tenure. Our offices are created to increase productivity and invigorate the long day.

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Premisin is ingeniously made to be as versatile as the users who would utilize them. It is usually profitable to keep expenses low as your firm expands, especially if you are just getting started. Check out the economic advantages of coworking spaces in the Premisin office space if you require an office but lack the funds to pay for the overhead associated with maintaining an office.

Do you want to know if coworking is the right choice for you? Visit our website or drop by and see how coworking can be professional too.

Top 5 benefits of dedicated desk in coworking office space

People often feel at ease in space that have a little personalisation. Dedicated workstations let you customize your office and create a comfortable working environment. Dedicated workstations in coworking have quickly expanded to all of the world’s major cities and are quickly evolving to take the place of the conventional office culture. Since its inception, the benefits of dedicated desk in coworking space has helped various businesses to meet their demands in a variety of ways. Shared space has evolved from being just a place to work with reliable internet access to providing amenities that make the office more cosy and inviting for the employee.

One idea that coworking facilities have used to attract employees is the dedicated workstation.

Let’s look into some of the significant benefits of A Dedicated Desk Space

More opportunities for networking

The chance to interact with other people is one of the main benefits of the dedicated desk in co-working space. If you operate from home or another independent location, you may be depriving yourself of the crucial connections you need to grow. Sometimes all a company needs for the growth of its personnel is the spark of proximity to other successful business employees.

A rise in productivity

This is especially true for entrepreneurs running small businesses out of their homes. Being at home makes it simple to become distracted. The house has to be cleaned or maintained, kids need to be looked after, and unique tasks can frequently come to mind. You can establish a “work mode” that will boost productivity by moving to a different location. Since many co-working spaces have opened a dedicated desk service, which serves you round the clock and provides you a great community to interact with. So you don’t have to worry about where you will get your work done.

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Boost in creativity

Dedicated desks in co-working spaces can inspire creative bursts by allowing you to collaborate with others and expose yourself to fresh viewpoints. Sometimes moving to a desk in a co-working space might give you a mental boost because you get to meet like-minded people and inspire you to come up with new solutions for work-related issues.

Possibilities for collaboration

Networking and the benefits of a dedicated desk go hand in hand. You are exposed to chances and opportunities in co-working spaces. Who knows where a friendly discussion will go? Working close to people who belong to other businesses makes it possible for speedy collaboration to happen. Next thing you know, you’re surrounded by wholly talented people who can ignite your knowledge even more.

Cost – efficiency

There are a number of additional expenses you can encounter if you rent an office space, particularly if your staff expects perks like free coffee and snacks. Similar benefits are provided in dedicated spaces for a single monthly fee. Additionally, they include a variety of built-in features like mail/courier handling, printing service, and the list goes on, which can help you save money in the long run.  Before selecting the ideal office space for your business, it’s critical to think about the features you need. Cost-effectiveness may be a key advantage for small enterprises trapped in prohibitively expensive leases.

Increased Adaptability

The core benefit of the dedicated desk in co-working is its greater flexibility. A lot of co-working spaces provide fairly flexible contracts. There are usually flexible solutions if you need to end your membership for some reason or you need the expansion of two or more dedicated desks. Because of this, it’s a great business service to test out and see if you are willing to continue. If everything goes well then you’re good to go and if not then there’s no harm in terminating your membership with a given notice period.

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These are some of the benefits of a dedicated desk that come along with it. With this working arrangement, you have the option of having some privacy if necessary and joining the coworking community whenever you like. The best aspects of both traditional office design and coworking are thus combined in dedicated desks

If you are looking for a co-working space in a prime location in Raipur, we got you covered. Check out our office space located in several locations, with the right mix of dedicated desks, hot desks and private cabins, and a fully furnished office. If you‘re looking for a premium office space in a prime location then Premisin office space is just best for you! Visit our website to know more about us and schedule a visit with us today! 

What is the Future of Coworking spaces In India

Future of Coworking spaces In India

Co-working spaces are not too far behind traditional work spaces in their efforts to save the environment. Co-working spaces have the potential to solve the issue of sustainability in real estate, from the future of work to the future of sustainability. Co-working space that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity.  Individuals are usually not employed by the same person.

The co-working industry in India has constantly experienced extraordinary progress over the past few years. While co-working spaces were already in demand among small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups, the pandemic and subsequent lock downs accelerated the demand among other segments as well.

Recent research and surveys have confirmed the facts of how the co-working industry is thriving.

The pandemic has drawn some significant attention to the need for adaptable, accessible and cost-effective co-working environments. Even the most traditional occupiers began to realize the benefits of co-working during this time. Flexible work spaces seemed like a sensible option as businesses struggled to adapt the new normal. Businesses were compelled to reassess their real estate strategy in order to keep up with the times due to flexible hours, rostered shifts, and work spaces moving closer to homes.

As businesses looked for alternatives to cut expenses and capital expenditures, the co-working sector stepped in to provide a host of advantages.  corporate sought out alternative options to reduce costs and capital expenditure, the co-working industry stepped in to offer a host of benefits. Co-working spaces have emerged as the ideal solution for lowering capital expenditures, emphasizing employee well being, and accelerating the adoption of flexible working arrangements.

Future of coworking spaces is too adaptive as they are evolving with more services and amenities, enabling them to accommodate niche audiences and purpose-driven communities in India. 

Few of the key features that are essential for the future of coworking spaces

Affordability and scalability

Co-working spaces has always been know and recognized because of its affordability. This escalated during the pandemic and introduced the new and effective coworking space concept; the future of coworking space seems to be very bright. With remote working becoming the norm, office spaces began to be seen as an overhead expense that many were not willing to invest in, at least for the near future. Companies began focusing on cost reduction, choosing a flexible organizational structure where some employees may work from home while others could do so from a central location.

Co-working companies entered the market, offering enticing advantages like low-cost seating, robust infrastructure to networking opportunities. They offered companies highly compliant, ready to move setups that were ready to use without any hassle. Additionally, they allowed companies of all sizes to save on capital expenses while lowering the operating costs by up to 15-20%.

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Location Flexibility

The flexibility factor in terms of locations has proven to be another significant benefit of co-working facilities. While the majority of businesses support working from home, some have had to accept the fact that at least some of their employees will need to go back to the office. This situation has led to a number of industrial realizations.

Instead of a consolidated office located in the center of the country, there is an increasing desire for numerous smaller offices dispersed across the nation. Companies are being sought by businesses to meet their requirement to de-intensify their current offices while maintaining social distance rules.

Fulfilling the demand for dedicated spaces

Companies that operate from traditional office spaces must manage the weight of lengthy lock-in agreements. With most businesses cutting back on staff, they began seeking for alternatives like dedicated desks, flexi desks, and private cabins that offered all the necessary amenities at reasonable prices.

Co-working spaces offer secure work environments that promote employees to plug-and-play, teamwork, and work together. Additionally, the desks are spaced apart to encourage people to organically develop social distance.

Rational model

Mid sized and large enterprises that are concerned with business sustainability have increased the demand for co-working spaces ad COVID-19 has challenged the notion of the typical office. The majority of these organizations want to reduce expenses while keeping a workforce that operates with long-term efficiencies. Such models have been offered by Co-working players. Encouraging long-term commitments from larger organizations.

New normal and new models

Most corporate sectors have had to quickly evolve due to the pandemic, and the co-working sector is no exception. By introducing solutions that specifically address needs throughout the spectrum of work requirements, we are also situating ourselves to continue to expel our growth .

Co-working offers a cost-effective solution that provides more compact office spaces with basic infrastructure amenities that are self-operated, and equipped with WiFi. Such work spaces are very in demand at a time when the majority of businesses have employees coming in on a rotational basis and therefore require fewer chairs.

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Ending words on future of coworking spaces

The future of coworking spaces is indisputable. Coworking spaces are seen as the new frontier. It has a great deal of potential. Because of this, especially in the wake of the pandemic, these spaces are regarded as one of the business world’s fastest-growing trends. The coworking spaces are excellent for fostering community. All of the work you would have previously completed in the conventional workplace may be completed here, only more quickly. Here, people socialise, have brainstorming sessions, set up meetings, and broaden their social networks. So why not rent a location that offers a lot more advantages than the standard office layout?

Get Best Virtual Office For GST Registration In Raipur

Ready to take your business to the next level? Increasing your business transaction has become more easier and convenient with virtual office concept. Virtual office services are easy to understand and in accordance to the latest GST Directive. So, know that it’s not an easy task to locate the reputed virtual office in raipur and it will be safe and secure to carry out business with them. Here in this blog post we will guide you to find the best virtual office for GST registration in Raipur with deals, offers and packages. Besides, you’ll have to pay only what you’re worth.

Raipur has always been the most best place for having a good business. So it is not a surprise that it has become the versatile city to run an office effortlessly. If you are looking for best Virtual Office in Raipur, then we must say Premisin is the best place to look. Primisin has a list of authentic virtual office spaces available in the prime locations that can provide you with the right fit.

Premisin the leading workspace provider in Raipur is an ideal virtual office choice if you are looking to go down the GST registration path, because we will help you prepare all the documents required to register at a very reasonable price. Our easy onboarding & documentation process makes it easy to establish your presence and register with the government without having to pay for an expensive office space or purchase any physical supplies.

Premisin’s Virtual office space plan for top business use cases-

1. With Business Registration

To formally register your company, you do not need to have a physical office location. You can register your company with complete documents, a prime location address, and all in-office services using our virtual office for GST registration.

2. With Gst Registration

You must have a registered office address in each state to complete the GST registration procedure. Because having a physical office in every state is not practicable, our Virtual Office for GST registration can assist you in meeting the legal criteria for GST registration. You will be issued a GST number after the procedure is completed.

3. With Mailing Address

Premisin virtual office is the option for you if you want a Prime Office Address for mail handling. You’ll get a address for mailing purpose at prestigious business centres in Raipur. We also have the capability of supplying you with dependability and confidence by constantly answering calls and delivering items or services to your addresses.

Benefits you’ll get with Premisin’s Virtual Office for gst registration

  1. For your business, you will be given a premium address in the city that you may use for company registration or GST registration. 
  2. You’ll receive all of the necessary paperwork for various registrations, including a No Objection Certificate, an electric bill, a leasing agreement, and signage.
  3. Our Virtual Workplace is the most cost-effective option to get a premium business address without the expensive deposits, bills, and maintenance fees of a traditional office.
  4. Meeting rooms, receptionists, professional call answering, mail management, and workstations are all conveniently accessible at minimum additional expenditures.
  5. When compared to owning a physical office, our virtual offices are the most cost-effective way to receive a premium address without having to pay the deposits, bills, and maintenance costs associated with a traditional office.

Premisin make your GST registration a hassle free experience. So you don’t have to worry about enquiry, registration and other GST formalities. Our team is highly experienced and brings you best virtual office facilities in Raipur that are efficient, reliable, and convenient service. Expand your business with the use of a professional business address by paying nominal fees. Contact Premisin Today!

Top 5 Reasons Why Coworking Space Is Important for Business

Why Coworking Is Important

Over the last few years, coworking spaces have started to make their way into bigger cities across the globe. The reason is that they offer the best of both worlds – you get all the advantages of being in an office, but at a fraction of the cost. These spaces have been so successful, in fact, that there are now an estimated 3000 coworking spaces in 500 cities around the world, and new ones are popping up every day. The potential for growth is tremendous, especially for businesses that want the flexibility of being able to work from home or the privacy of an in-office but don’t want to take traditional office spaces. But what exactly makes these spaces so great? Here are the top five reasons why coworking space is important for business today.

5 Reasons Why Coworking Space Is Important for business

1) Save money

According to Research, as of 2021, there were more than 34 million square feet of coworking space around the globe, up from just 2.3 million in 2005. And that’s no surprise when you look at how much money you can save by having an office without all those expenses. Coworking spaces are designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which makes them perfect for small-budget startups. With most coworking spots charging a bare minimum, it’s significantly cheaper than renting or leasing your own space from scratch and other alternatives like hiring a virtual assistant or leasing desk space from others in your area.

Premisin coworking space in Raipur gives you access to high-quality amenities and services at an affordable price, which is especially helpful if you’re just starting. Plus, since there are plenty of people who can help you with your business needs, all in one place, it eliminates travel costs associated with seeing different people and businesses.

2) Socialise with like-minded entrepreneurs

Working from home is great in theory—but when you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off of or answer your questions on the spot, freelancing or starting a company from home can be incredibly frustrating. In a coworking space full of other independent professionals who have similar goals and struggles as you do (it’s a community!), that won’t be an issue!

A great reason to use coworking spaces is that you’ll have an opportunity to meet people who can help you learn new skills and start your business. Networking is vital when you’re running your own business, so take advantage of every chance you get to make connections. If nothing else, coworkers are great sources of information and support. When your business is ready to grow beyond just yourself, working from a coworking space in Raipur gives your employees ample opportunity to meet other people who are working toward similar goals as them—thereby making it easier than ever to find people who fit your company culture.

3) Workspace flexibility and seamless comfort

Many people choose to work from home because they want some degree of flexibility in their workspace. However, that’s not always possible—perhaps you have kids who demand your attention during daytime hours or your spouse has come back to work after taking years off to care for your children. A coworking space allows you to set up a workspace in an environment conducive to focus, whether that means space alone or a lively mix of personalities and perspectives from other business owners with whom you might share ideas and build mutually beneficial relationships. Regardless of why you’re seeking coworkers, it’s worth at least investigating what coworking spaces have to offer.

It’s possible to find a co-working space in any location, but that doesn’t mean it will be a good fit. If you want to take advantage of one of coworking’s greatest perks (flexibility), you’ll want to find an environment that makes you feel comfortable, not just productive. And that’s what Premisin coworking space in Raipur does for you. It offers a customized solution tailored to your needs and your business.

4) Access to tools & equipment

Your business can only go as far as the tools you use to get it there allow it to go, so getting access to the right tools and support as soon as possible is crucial. The number one benefit of coworking is access to tools and equipment that you might not have on your own. If you want to start or expand your business but don’t have enough capital, renting out office space can be prohibitively expensive. That’s where coworking comes in handy; by sharing space with other entrepreneurs, you gain access to virtually every piece of equipment you could ever need without having to invest thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars into high-tech equipment. Plus, if you’re starting a business that requires specialized software or hardware, chances are good there will be someone else in your coworking space who has already figured it out and is willing to share their knowledge.

5) Increase your productivity

When people think of coworking spaces, they often focus on social and collaborative aspects. However, one of their biggest benefits is increased productivity. If you work from home or have your own office, coworking may be just what you need to get things done efficiently and effectively. After all, if you’re in an environment where there are others around (both coworkers and strangers), chances are you’ll want to be on your best behavior while at work. This means no slacking off—which will increase your productivity levels by forcing you to prioritize tasks that need to get done now. There’s also less room for distractions when you’re not alone. Finally, coworking space in Raipur tends to be quieter than other places since everyone is working diligently on their work. That said, it still provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration with other professionals who are there to work alongside you. In short: It can provide everything you need to maximize your output at work!

In today’s fast-paced business world, if you want to get ahead of your competition, then you’re going to need to take advantage of all available resources and opportunities. A coworking space can help you do that in so many ways. Having a coworking space for your business, including the benefits that come with it, is more important than you might think. Here are just five reasons why coworking is so important for any business out there looking to succeed. If you’re looking for a welcoming and friendly coworking space in Raipur where you can combine the comforts of home with the benefits of a traditional office, check out Premisin.

Benefits of Renting a Commercial Office Space

One of the most appealing aspects of renting an office space for any company is to gain immediate access to furnished and equipped infrastructure without having to go through the headache of purchasing a property. Should you rent or buy office space? This is a topic that all aspiring businesses ask themselves. Choosing an office space is a vital part of starting a business, regardless of the type, size, or structure of your company. Finding the appropriate workplace, no matter how difficult it may appear, will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Renting an office space is a fantastic alternative, according to current market trends. The cost and responsibility of purchasing a commercial property are two obvious reasons. Cost in buying a commercial space is a significant obstacle to overcome, and it is one of the main reasons why renting is the ideal option for small businesses trying to develop or establish themselves. One of the biggest benefits of renting an office space for your company is that you can obtain access to fully furnished and equipped infrastructure right away without having to deal with the bother of purchasing a property or incurring capital expenditures.

Here are the benefits of renting an office vs buying your own space:

A Stress-Free Transition

Do you consider yourself halfway there if you’ve managed to secure office space for your company? Not at all! You may want to think about renovating the facilities, creating the interiors, putting up an electrical and water connection, bringing in furniture, purchasing tech tools or required office equipment, and more. Do you really want to go through the trouble of setting things up on your own? The offices that are rented are ready to use right away. They simply take the responsibility for providing an end-to-end serviced office space.

Premisin, commercial property in Pachpedi Naka, provides a comprehensive package tailored to individual needs, with three rental options, allowing businesses to expand. First and foremost, a properly equipped office with all necessary business infrastructure. Second, Premisin will create a personalized office design based on your specifications. Finally, you’ll need well-managed and efficient coworking space for your company. You don’t have to worry about real estate costs, overhead fees, design intricacies, or, most importantly, the stress of managing and having all of this done with any of the three services. All you have to do is walk up to Premisin’s office and tell them what you need; they’ll take care of the rest.

Optimum Financial Burden

One of the most obvious advantages of renting an office is that it relieves the business owner of the financial burden of overseeing and paying for the building’s routine maintenance. You are theoretically not accountable for the repair charges unless you or your team members have purposefully harmed office property or defaced the facility in any way. Leave alone the regular damage costs that emerge out of nowhere. Even regular maintenance, such as repainting the walls, maintaining infrastructure and technological equipment, keeping the bathrooms clean and sanitary, and so on, is an expensive endeavor. The landlord is responsible for keeping all of the things in good working order. If you rent rather than own a home, you can address your problems with the landlord rather than having to do so yourself.

Contracts Flexibility

Another benefit of renting an office space is the flexibility of your contract. With the market being so volatile, changing the location and size of your office space at any time can be a huge benefit. Many office leasing firms provide flexible lease periods, allowing you to grow your business at your own speed and relocate to a larger place without difficulty. Alternatively, if you own office space and wish to relocate, you could wait years for a buyer.

Check out the spaces offered by Premisin office space if you’re looking for an office space to rent for your business that may meet your needs and reflect your personal style.

Top 7 Benefits of Coworking Space over the Traditional Office

Coworking space appears to be a brilliant concept in the face of a lack of space. The shift between a “traditional office” to a “coworking space” has had an impact on workplace productivity. Coworking spaces provide a more relaxed environment for employees to discover inspiration.

People and organizations need to be in urban centers to grow and innovate. Many organizations and corporations have to contend with ever-rising rents in the crowded city centers.

When a new coworking space opens in your city, it may seem like a luxury to compare it with your existing office. But you will be pleasantly surprised to know the benefits of coworking space far outweigh those of traditional offices.

Top benefits of coworking space


Coworking space gives you the option of selecting a fully furnished room that includes equipment, broadband, and cellphone connections, as well as a range of choices and on-demand meeting workspace options. Or get a personalized workplace according to your requirements such as a single desk, shared office, or private cabin.  It also allows for brainstorming sessions to take place in defined or communal zones.


Among the great benefits of coworking spaces is productive gain. Working in an atmosphere that stresses the significance of collaboration and provided values is more motivational and inspiring. You are subjected to an array of knowledge that will help analyze and work out modern choices when up against a difficult work situation when you work around other like-minded professionals, several of whom have unique talents and abilities. In addition, you’ve got sufficient people to consult within the area, you don’t have to step out of the office to have advice that is an expert inspiration. That minimizes time wastage.


Coworking space helps you to keep to a more impactful working schedule while remaining focused on a no hindrance workspace by delivering a significantly more creative and productive work environment. Your motivation for work spikes, like everyone else in your room, is aiming at success, fundamentally boosting productivity. It is a good action towards the much-needed balance in work-life.


Another advantage of coworking space is the abundance of networking opportunities it provides. Working alongside different experts every day can help foster new business and links in your industry, assisting in the development of a valuable network of connections that may strengthen your organization. Because coworking space encourages open social discussion and interaction, you can better determine business offerings in a real way that would not have been possible otherwise.


Almost all operated workspaces provide easily accessible premises that are affordable with all the business’s infrastructure requirements. Because regular workplace upkeep and expenses are covered in the fee, a user would not have to arrange or reimburse for any ongoing work which may be required. As a result, coworking space is an excellent budget option for brands and remote workers. Coworking spaces are usually inexpensive and meet the needs of any expert. Many even usually offer long -short-term-term agreements, letting you get your workspace as often as necessary.


Unlike traditional workplaces, there are no hidden extra fees when renting a coworking space. Whilst companies can pay month-to-month fares, these could cover anything from servicing to income tax. Businesses might not be made to create any modifications once the office is being taken out of service and accessorized, trying to dodge dissolution in the system. Numerous offered co-working spaces are easy to discover, and companies will either conduct their inquiry or mobilize expert assistance. As an outcome, companies looking for a suitable co-working space may not need to pay the preceding refundable deposit.


In a coworking space, you do not have to concern yourself with the basic tasks which can be administered. All that’s necessary for running your tiny online business can be obtained here, such as WiFi, copiers, printers, telephone solutions, etc. This, in turn, saves lots of time that continue on administrative tasks while creating or working from the old-fashioned office.

With all these benefits of Coworking space, Premisin comes with additional benefits like widespread parking space, business address, Membership benefits, and many more. We have all the requirements to fulfill starting with your new workspace.