8 Different Types of Coworkers You’ll Meet in Workplace

In this blog you will know different types of coworkers in workplaces, and help to find which one is best for your career from different personality types.

We all come across many people in our day-to-day life. And as per the human nature, we possess 3 aspects; self-interest, humanity-interest and life-interest. We behave accordingly based on these aspects and the situation that follows. In this blog you will know different types of coworkers in workplaces.

Workplace has been a challenging place where you wish to deal with the people of your type but in return you face difficulties in keeping yourself sane. Since, categorizing things has been a human tendency, below are some of the most common behavioral or personality types you can face in a workplace.

Different types of coworkers in workplace

1. The bellyacher

Came across someone who’s always grumpy, complaining about the little things around him/her? They are called bellyacher! Smallest of the difficulties bothers them and you can see them rant and rave anytime, anywhere. Be it watchman, coffee machine, wash basin or pantry issues; they know how to make things difficult for themselves and for other coworkers too. 

2. Crybaby

They are complete whiner. They cry over petty things surrounding them. They find excuses to be upset even when things are going normal. All they ask for is soft behavior and lot of pampering from their coworkers. Admit it or not, they are the most negative person, you’ll ever come across. and this types of co-workers to avoid in workplace.

3. The gossiper

This person is blessed with big mouth. They spend their most of time telling people about a coworker’s controversial story, relationship troubles, what’s in some one’s lunch box, who’s having trouble sleeping in night, who’s going to get fired and who’s expecting an increment.

4. The frenemy

There’s always this person, who acts like they are your friend but back-stab you. They will pamper you with sympathetic responses but will speak ill of whatever you do, steal your ideas and take credits for all the things you do. They are the most dreadful person you will ever meet. and you,ill definitely avoid this types of co-workers too.

5. The perfectionist

As the name says, they are the perfect employee of your workplace. They are best types of coworkers in workplaces. The boss’ favorite, over-achiever, enthusiastic, friendliest and you name it. They are the most motivated yet positive person be around and are good for your overall growth.

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6. The big surprise

This category belongs to the person you didn’t like at the beginning but lately they turned out to be your workplace BFF. Their appearance isn’t approachable or friendly towards you and you thought they hate you. Much to your surprise, your aura matches and you end up being good friends.

7. The workaholic

There will always be a person who’s highly ambitious about their work. They are one of those persons who always come first at work and will always be the last one to leave. They are in types of coworkers who eats, sleeps, breathes, and walks work.

8. The therapist

They are your go-to person to share all your good and bad happenings you have gone through. This coworker personality types is embedded with all the advice’s you can ask for; life, relationship, work-life balance, career, etc. They tend to carry a weird but calm aura with them.

You will face different types of people in different places but when it comes to a workplace, finding a way to deal with these people is for your own good. The major goal is to maintain a healthy work environment!